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The Growing Use of Technology in Manufacturing

In almost every sector, technological advancements are transforming business operations, and the manufacturing industry is no exception. These modern developments are facilitating manufacturers to optimize production processes, innovate at an accelerated rate, decrease expenses, and produce higher quality products to meet demand.

For example, digital twins utilize IoT technology and are a way for manufacturers to enhance performance and reduce costs. Digital twins are virtual representations of physical objects that receive real-time data from the object. This data allows for virtual monitoring of, for example, a piece of manufacturing equipment or an entire production line. Digital twins are increasingly used to predict maintenance schedules and repairs as well as to experiment with line changes and review their impact.

Additional technological advancements include robots that perform assembly and material handling tasks, as well as dangerous or repetitive tasks; remote performance monitoring sensors that track manufacturing cycles and detect possible maintenance issues; and computerized maintenance management systems, which decrease the need for on-site personnel. The accompanying resource outlines some of the inventive ways the manufacturing industry is relying on these advancements.

The Growing Use of Technology in Manufacturing from Advanced Technology Services, a provider of predictive maintenance technology

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